The Lebanese Drum (Tabel)
The Lebanese Drums is the cornerstone when it comes to "setting-on- fire" the dance floor.
We definitely recreated the utility of the trumpet in our shows. Our new  genre will undeniably make your hips don’t lie.
An Organ is a clever platform that allows its player to reproduce a  myriad of sounds and effects. If used properly, it can establish a solid foundation to the musicians and, of course, make you want to "burn" the dance floor with your dance-steps.
More commonly used in Jazz, the saxophone is the most famous
musical instrument that Belgium has ever produced. We make sure to  use it the best way possible for the best atmosphere
One of the most famous percussion instruments, no need to say more.
Wow wow and wow! I have been planning a big surprise party for my husband turning 50 and decided to call Zaffetna Entertainement to come and welcome my husband for his big surprise. I was stressed because I wanted everything to go perfectly. But when the team started their performance... everyone's jaw dropped on the floor! Mine included!!! Their energy, their passion, their smile is out of this world. I am so happy of my choice. We had a blast! I am calling you again for future events. Thank you for making our night unforgettable.
Big thanks from the Kamjian family xox
Such a talented team! What a pleasure it was having you boys play at our wedding! Highly recommend them at any party! Much love ❤
-Alessandra and Firas 
I would like to thank the whole team for a awesome job they did on my wedding day. U guys were phenomenal. It was a italian lebanese wedding that no one will forget. Everyone out there who is getting married or any occasion u should all experience zaffetna elite dance group
No matter what nationality u r. Love u guys
-Chiara Caringella
Best team eveeerr!! Votre énergie et votre enthousiasme a rendu notre mariage exceptionnellement magique! Vous êtes simplement professionnels dans ce que vous faites! Un gros merci à votre superbe équipe pour avoir enflammée cette journée inoubliable! Vous êtes sans doutes la meilleure zaffeh à Montréal et je vous recommande à chaque personne qui désire animer son mariage d'une manière exceptionnelle et magnifique!
-Zahhraa Monhem

Ok zaffetna elite dance wowwwww, best zaffe team in Montreal, i chose them for my wedding, I loved them so did my wife , and all our guests, they were amazing, these guys have alot of energy,skillful dancers and very proffesional! i would choose them for any future events and recommand them to anyone!! ty so much zaffetna elite team :)
-Hassan Akk
We would like to thank the amazing team for the awesome job they did on my wedding day. Its unforgettable!!! walla3touwaa!!! You guys are the best!! thank you for everything!
-Maroun Hriez
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